Saving Money & Repurposing Bunker Sand

The golf course tends to attract a certain clientele, and golfers expect beautiful, easy-to-maneuver playing conditions through the course. This includes the bunkers throughout the course. While improvements and renovations can include adding a liner, recontouring the banks or making drainage improvements, there always seems to be an effort to replace old bunker sand. However, there is a slight problem with what to do with the old sand that has been removed.

Find a New use for Tee Box Sand

The decision to take out the old sand leaves few options on disposal, with the most often chosen (and consequently, most expensive) is having it hauled away and disposed of off-site. There is the possibility of having large excavation equipment bury the old sand as a part of the new berm or bunker mounding, and some facilities own enough property that the old sand can be stored in a dumpsite with other waste materials. Though all possible options, these aren`t the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient suggestions.

There is another more environmentally friendly plan that you can use with your used tee box sand. Consider reusing the sand to construct multiple areas of prairie vegetation. This presents a natural habitat for natural animals and insects as well as a food source. It increases the biological diversity of your facility and spares the environment from an unnecessary waste of natural resources.

Take the Time To Cultivate the Plot

You can’t just assume that all plants or shrubs will thrive in the sandy environment, nor can just simply spread around the sand and hope for the best. Bunker renovations, to be done right, take time and careful planning. Vegetation needs to work well in the sandy environment, and it takes time for the seed to grow and thrive. Consulting with a local botanist or plant scientist can ensure your chosen seed variety will germinate and produce good results. It will take time to irrigate and work at the plantings, keeping them free of weeds and disturbances.

Once sand prairies start to bloom, they require little maintenance. Occasionally weeding with an herbicide or by hand can keep the desired plant life from getting crowded out. In addition to repurposing old sand, another benefit is the aesthetic impact the blossoms and color bring to the course. Colorful blooms and thriving plant life will also attract birds, butterflies and pollinating insects. This adds to the attraction and charm of your course.

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