How to Maintain Golfing Tee Boxes

To keep golfers coming back to your course, you need to keep your tee boxes in top condition. After all, not every customer will give you a mulligan on your teeing areas’ quality. Follow these tee box maintenance tips to keep your course on par with your customers’ expectations.

Get Insured

Like all other businesses, your golf course needs insurance to avoid bankruptcy when a natural disaster or crime occurs. For best results, choose a tee to green insurance plan, or one that covers every part of your course. From repairing flood damage after a hurricane to replacing your office’s windows after a break-in, a high-quality insurance provider understands how complex your golf course is and offers corresponding coverage.

Watch the Shade

At first, having lots of shade around your tee boxes seems like a good idea. It keeps your golfers from getting too hot or developing sunburns and skin cancer, and trees are attractive additions to your landscape.

However, if your turf has too many trees, the grass can’t grow properly, leading to unattractive brown patches that make your customers want to tee off elsewhere. If you’re thinking about planting a new tree, make sure that its canopy is light enough that some sunlight still reaches the grass. Also, research its growth patterns to see how much turf it will shade during its prime. Finally, if you’re in love with the idea of trees, find out how shade-resistant your current turf is and consider investing in grass that performs well with minimal sunlight.

Choose Your Plants Wisely

As you add flowers, bushes, and other decorative plants to each tee box, think about how many hours you need to spend on their maintenance. Perennial flowers such as daffodils are low-maintenance because they do not need to be replanted or pruned. On the other hand, hedges and potted plants need lots of watering, trimming, and weeding. If you’re already short on time, favor plants that don’t need much upkeep so that your green doesn’t look overgrown.

Give Reminders

When your golfers on the course for hours, it’s easy for them to forget the rules that keep your tee boxes in good condition. To reduce the number of tee to green insurance claims you need to file, put signs with friendly reminders about your rules throughout the course. These include shoe type regulations and food and drink restrictions. Make sure that these signs are easily visible but not annoying or rude.

Define Walking Areas Clearly

If your golfers walk wherever they want to on your green, it’s hard for your grass and plants to grow properly. Use flags, concrete sidewalks, or brick paths to define the walking areas clearly and prevent golfers from making their own paths.

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