Tips for Reopening Golf Courses

If your business operates one or more golf courses and you’ve been closed or operating at partial capacity recently, you may have questions about how to reopen safely, sensibly and successfully. You may have already secured a rare, extra comprehensive insurance plan such as Tee to Green Insurance to make sure everything on your course is covered just in case, but may still want to take steps to ensure a smooth reopening. How to play golf safely during the COVID-19 pandemic may not always seem clear, but these ideas can help you put good safeguards in place for your golf course’s reopening.

Ensure That All Staff Are Familiar With Reopening Safety Guidelines

In order for your reopening to go smoothly, it’s critical that all staff be well-trained and knowledgeable about updated guidelines. If you’ve instituted new disinfecting procedures and safety guidelines, for instance, make sure your employees are familiar with them. For instance, you may want to ask staff to wear face masks, keep physical distance from customers and encourage customers to use touchless pay methods.

Institute Higher Cleanliness and Sanitizing Standards for the Course

You may be able to attract more customers back to your golf course if you advertise your updated cleaning procedures. Customers might feel safer and more excited to visit your business if they feel that your golf course is a safe, clean space. For instance, you can up your company sanitizing standards by:

  • Offering customers hand sanitizer
  • Spraying and wiping down all frequently touched surfaces
  • Having staff wear gloves as needed
  • Ensuring good air circulation inside your business
  • Keeping golfers at a distance out on the course

Eliminate Unnecessary Business Expenses To Prepare for a Gradual Reopening

Lastly, you may want to consider eliminating outsized costs at least temporarily to brace the company for a gradual shift back into normal business. Since you might not get all of your old customers back at once, cutting back on budget burdens now can help keep the golf course afloat until more customers begin to return to the course. As a safeguard against potentially lower revenues at first, or simply as a way to cut costs and save money, your business might want to:

  • Switch to automated payment systems
  • Streamline company software to eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Reduce your overall staff numbers or cut back on hours if necessary
  • Offer a limited range of services at first

Beyond securing comprehensive Tee to Green Insurance ahead of your grand reopening, you can help ensure that your business’s golf course re-launch is a success by following these ideas for safety and easy transitioning. Train staff well on all updated guidelines, ramp up sanitizing efforts and eliminate unnecessary expenses out of an abundance of caution to help make your golf course reopening as smooth as possible.

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