Who is at Fault in a Golf Course Accident?

Those in the golfing world are commonly questioning who is actually responsible when a serious injury occurs on a golf course. The short answer is that it depends on who violates the safety rules. Sometimes, no one is at fault unless the injured individual can prove someone on the golf course, or the course operators, are negligent. Since golf is not a contact sport, a player that had a golf ball injury by another golfer will need to prove negligence rather than willful conduct in order to receive payment for damages.

Assumption of the Risk

The assumption of the risk doctrine mandates that those who know of the risk of an activity must accept the risk when voluntarily engaging in it. The key here is they must know of the risks involved. This doctrine is applied on the golf course regarding individuals who are struck by golf balls or club heads. These instances are an inherent component to the sport and should be expected. Most court decisions conclude that it is common knowledge that golf balls do not always end up exactly where they were intended when the ball was hit. Injured golfers assume the risk of being hit by a ball when they step on the golf course to play.

When Assumption of the Risk Does Not Apply

There should be adequate safety precautions around the facilities such as proper fencing around the clubhouse. Tee to green insurance  is needed to protect your operations from all related claims. Golfers will not be expecting to be hit by an errant golf ball if they are standing in certain areas, which then the assumption of the risk doctrine will not apply. The assumption of the risk doctrine only applies to those who do not voluntarily put themselves in a situation where an injury has reasonably likely odds. Even those that live next to a golf course assume the risk. Exceptions to the rule may involve a plaintiff proving that the golfer, golf club owner, or operator was recklessly negligent, a ball or club was intentionally thrown at an individual, or a golf cart related injury was due to negligence or intoxication.

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