Year-Round Golf Course Maintenance

If you run a golf course, keeping up with your green is one of your biggest responsibilities. One common mistake that new golf course owners make is thinking that their maintenance stops when the weather gets cold. In reality, it’s a year-round concern. Read on to get your guide to maintaining a golf course in all seasons.


In the winter, you don’t have to spend as much time on your course’s everyday maintenance, so it’s the perfect time to take care of long-term repairs such as installing a new irrigation system or repaving your paths. You should also talk to your tee to green insurance provider about ways to improve security.

Although your plants may be hibernating, keeping them safe during this cold time is key. When your course is frost-covered, ask your golfers to stay off the grass to prevent them from breaking it. Because there’s less sunlight, it’s easier for mushrooms and other fungi to start spreading on your greens, so applying fungicide regularly is a must.


Keeping greens green continues in the spring. To get your plants growing again, use a ventilator to add small holes to the ground, allowing the roots better access to oxygen and fertilizers. Watch out for weeds during this critical period, and apply grass seeds to any areas that look dead. If your area doesn’t get a lot of rain, research your grass’s optimal hydration level and commit to a regular watering schedule.

When your grass starts growing normally, scarify it to remove leftover dead grass from last season. Don’t forget to mow it when it gets long, following proper safety protocols to avoid filing liability claims with your tee to green insurance provider.


Once the spring winds start turning into summer scorchers, you have to keep your golf course fresh while also accommodating increased golfer traffic. Keep up with your scarification and mowing schedule, and make sure that your irrigation systems adequately watering your green.

Weeds love hot, sunny days, so find a good pesticide or spend a few hours each day weeding. Similarly, although the summer sun kills fungi, if you get a lot of rain, you may have problems with mushrooms. Turn to your winter supply of fungicide to keep these invaders from spreading.


When the weather starts cooling down, sow more grass seed to give your green a head start next spring. Ventilate the green once again, and address any hazards that may have developed from tropical storms or hurricanes. Turn off your irrigation pipes so that they don’t burst in the winter. Finally, rather than letting any leaves pile up, rake them every day so that they don’t kill your grass or spread fungi.

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