How to Properly Care for Golf Course Trees

Caring for your golf course includes monitoring the trees that dot the premises. Shade trees add comfort, beauty, and potentially

an obstacle to overcome during a round of golf. Without the proper attention and maintenance, trees that are weak or damaged can become a problem.

A fallen tree limb can pose a serious risk of injuring someone or causing property damage. Tee to Green Insurance can help to mitigate the liabilities of such an incident, but you should take care to properly maintain the trees on your course so they don’t cause any issues.

Best Tree Care On a Golf Course

Assign a team to survey your golf course and grounds on a weekly basis. They can check for signs of damage and report any changes that they see. The sooner you spot an issue, the less likely it is to cause any damage. It’s a good idea to bring in a professional every so often as well. They can also guide you on which trees would benefit from fertilizing and irrigation.

Tree Trimming

One of the most important parts of caring for your trees is knowing when to trim or remove a tree. A fallen tree branch can cause a lot of damage. Remove any limbs that extend over property, like a restaurant or patio. Scan frequently for any signs of a broken limb and have it cut back immediately before it can fall and cause harm. You can also remove crowded tree limbs that rub against each other.

The best time of year to do tree trimming is in the spring. This gives the tree ample time to heal before winter sets in. Avoid cutting off the tops of branches to control height, or thinning the tree to let more sunlight through the branches. These practices can weaken the tree and increase the risk of decay and damage.

Tree Removal

Trees that are severely cracked, decaying, or leaning to the side need cut down. Always carry a full Tee to Green Insurance policy to cover any mishaps or incidents that may occur. Vigilance will eliminate most threats and allow you to prevent most injuries, damage, and tree loss, but you can’t fully predict nature, so it’s best to prepare for any eventuality. The right insurance will protect you and cover almost any liabilities that may arise.

Develop a standard routine to check each tree on your golf course. Pay attention to more than obvious signs of damage from a storm such as a broken limb. Every tree needs thoroughly examined to spot signs of decay or pest infestation. Once located, deal with them swiftly.

Prevention is much easier than treatment in most cases. The sooner you spot any issues, the more likely you will be to save the tree and return it to full health. Proper tree maintenance will save you money from future, more severe problems, and will keep your guests safe.

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