FAQs About Golf Insurance

If you own a golf course, you probably offer your patrons services such as showers, food, and alcohol. These amenities combine with your course to give your members the perfect golfing experience. At the same time, they increase the chances that an accident will happen on your property.

Because of your liability risks, it’s critical that you have a tee to green insurance plan, or one that offers coverage for every aspect of your club and course. Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions about this kind of golf insurance.

Can You Get Golf Insurance?

Unlike most businesses, you don’t have to settle for a generic insurance plan that you modify to meet your needs. Instead, choose an insurance company that specializes in golf courses so that your insurance agent is guaranteed to understand your concerns.

What Are the Different Kinds of Golf Insurance Coverage?

From your main office to your clubhouse to your golf cart storage facilities, you never know when lightning or theft could cause devastating damage to your course’s properties. As a result, golf insurance plans include commercial property insurance coverage. This means that if someone vandalizes any of your buildings or if a fire or storm destroys them, you have help with repairs.

General liability insurance is another key component of tee to green insurance. It covers all situations in which another party might hold you responsible for damages that happen on your course. For example, if golfers trip on obstacles on your course, they can sue you to cover their medical bills, and your insurance company helps with the expense.

Even if your business is operating steadily now, you still need business income insurance. This type of insurance is similar to added living expense coverage for homeowners. It helps you cover all your expenses if you have to shut down after something damages your building or course. For example, if someone robs your clubhouse and you have to close for repairs, your business income insurance steps in to assist with your employees’ wages and utility bills while you’re not making a profit.

What Affects Your Premiums?

When you’re applying for comprehensive golf insurance, your agent examines your company to determine how much of a risk you present to your provider. If your company poses a high risk, you have higher premiums; if you pose a low risk, your premiums are lower.

Your tee to green insurance provider looks at your history of making claims with past insurers to see how likely you are to need assistance. The company also takes your workforce size and location into account. If your agent determines that your company presents a high risk, talk to him or her about boosting your safety policies.

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