Common Risks at the Golf Course (& How to Avoid Them)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 11,100 golf courses in 2017, and these courses had 307,000 workers. Because golf courses are so widespread, it’s easy for their employees and owners to forget about golf safety tips.

If you run or own a golf course, making sure that your golfers and neighbors stay safe is one of the best ways to protect your long-term stability. Having tee to green insurance is a necessity, but continually filing liability claims after accidents is a hassle. Instead, think through these common risks at your golf course and how you can address them.

Your Clients Getting Injured

What are the risks in golf course management? One of the greatest is your clients getting injured while they play. They could hit a ball into someone else, or they could pull their muscles after failing to properly warm up.

You’re probably not liable for these kinds of injuries, but they scare other clients and could prevent them from coming back. Post signs throughout your course reminding golfers to stand back while other people are swinging, to remain aware of their surroundings, and to stretch.

Someone Robbing Your Club

Golf courses tend to have low security policies and expensive items such as golf clubs and high-end liquors, making them an easy target for robberies. Talk to your tee to green insurance provider about your replacement cost or agreed value insurance for these items. Consider investing in an alarm system or hiring a security guard.

Wild Animals Straying Onto Your Property

Because golf courses are outside, it’s easy for wildlife (both friendly and unfriendly) to stray onto your property. Squirrels and rabbits may not be a big deal, but deer can trample your plants and knock over your signs. Wasps, horse flies, and other biting insects are huge problems, especially if one of your golfers is allergic to them. If you’re based in the South, you also have to watch out for alligators and other serious predators on your course.

It’s impossible to keep all wildlife out of your course, but putting up fences around your property helps. Reach out to your local animal control office and see if they have any tips for keeping your course safe.

Golfers Slipping on Your Course

The more inclines, ponds, and statues you have, the more opportunities your golfers have to trip on your property. This is especially true if your club has a shower or pool. Because businesses are generally liable for these kinds of injuries, remind your golfers to walk only in official pathways. Also, contact your tee to green insurance provider about how to receive help when an injured golfer wants you to cover his or her medical expenses.

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